Is it SAFE to dance?

24 Feb 2015 7:01 PM | Valerie Calam (Administrator)

Because our bodies are our main tools for our work as dancers, making sure there is a safe environment in which to both rehearse and perform is crucial. However, some of these items you may not think about until you are faced with a potentially frightening dance space. Always ensure:

  • A proper dance surface: a sprung wooden floor, or marley
  • Proper ventilation, lighting, running water and clean washroom facilities
  • Access to first aid, including ice packs and tensor bandages
  • Temperature: the venue should be between 18 and 32 degrees Celsius at all times, the dance surface should be between 6 and 36 degrees Celsius

As a dance artist, you have the right to request any additional equipment or measures deemed necessary for health and safety—this includes the rescheduling or reprogramming of rehearsals and or performances.

Read CADA-ON’s full suggestions for proper working conditions in the Professional Standards for Dance. In addition, read over the Safety Guidelines for the Live Performance Industry in Ontario.

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