CADA/East is teaming up with Balancing Act to undergo a Caregiver Subsidy Pilot Program (CSPP) to all members of CADA/East. The pilot program will run for 3 months (February 1st-April 30, 2022) and participants will be asked to share information about their individual needs as an artist caregiver (through online surveys) as well as submit receipts/invoices for childcare and/or costs incurred while offering support to family (blood, chosen) or dependents. We will reimburse $7/hour, with a max of $100 per month to help with caregiving costs. We will continue until April 30th or until funds run out.  

Balancing Act aims to create increased equality, accessibility, and inclusion for parents and caregivers working in the performing arts. which supports arts organizations as they explore care-led policies and practices. 

Please fill out the survey below.  CADA/East will tailor the pilot program based on your needs.  Complete the survey below! 

More information will become available in the coming weeks.  Please track your caregiving costs, effective February 2022.  CADA/East will notify you of the submission process for your Caregiving Subsidy Pilot Program claim.  

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