The Caregiver Subsidy Pilot Program (CSPP) provides financial support for the costs of caregiving incurred while training, rehearsing and/or performing.  We also acknowledge costs incurred by our members while offering support to family (blood, adopted, chosen), as well as the unpaid hours to prepare and submit applications.  

CADA/East has teamed up with Balancing Act to undergo the Caregiver Subsidy Pilot Program (CSPP) for all members of CADA/East. The pilot program has been extended into the Summer (or until funds run out). Participants will be asked to share information about their individual needs as an artist-caregiver and submit receipts and/or information regarding caregiving costs incurred during the pilot program period.  

Capacity Limits:   $7/hour caregiver reimbursement, up to $100/month, until funds run out.  Each member has a personal cap of $350 for the duration of the pilot.  

Example 1:  6 hours of childcare at $16/hr will reimburse $42 (6 hrs X $7/hr). Unfortunately, we cannot take into consideration any tax paid. Required:  Receipts or Screenshot.  

Example 2:  Artist caregivers will be reimbursed for care costs incurred during the unpaid hours spent conceptualizing, writing, and submitting grant/program applications, up to a maximum of 3 hours per application at a rate of $7/hour.  Required:  A screenshot of ‘submitted application’ message or confirmation email. 

Example 3:  Reimbursement for a nurse hired to allow for you to train/rehearse, write grants, conceptualize, and take time away with the intent of thinking about art making, etc.  Required:  Receipts or Screenshot.    

Disclaimer:  This is a pilot program.  As the number of submissions is unknown, we will do our best to ensure that fair practices are observed and to provide funds to as many applicants as possible until we run out.  We aim to reimburse caregiving costs to eligible submissions by the end of each month through e transfers.  
We will be sharing information about our experience implementing this strategy with Balancing Act, including what types of support were requested and the average amount requested overall. We will not be sharing any names or other identifying information as part of our reflections. We will also be asking you to participate in an anonymous survey when the strategy has been implemented to help strengthen the Balancing Act initiative and inform advocacy work and policy change in our cultural spaces. 

Eligibility:  CADA/East Professional Members must be current in order to receive subsidies.  You will be asked to describe the activities that took place during the time that caregiving was required. 

Deadline:  Submissions are due on the 1st day of each month, however you may submit multiple receipts as they arise. 

Submit:  Applications are only accepted via the online CSPP submission form, completed in full with copies of your receipts attached and/or details of costs.  


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