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Training Subsidy Program (TSP)

What is the Training Subsidy Program?

CADA/East reimburses Professional Members for the costs of physical dance training through the Training Subsidy Program (TSP).

  • Ongoing training and professional development are a crucial part of a dance career.
  • Regular physical conditioning maintains your body as an instrument, relevant opportunities for artistic development engage your mind as an interpreter and creator, and on-going, consistent conditioning and training keeps your technique current.

These activities position you as an active and employable member of the professional community.

What costs can I claim on the TSP?

  • Dance technique classes (drop-in or class cards).
  • Physical conditioning (fitness club memberships, Pilates, yoga, etc.).
  • Workshops, master classes, and intensives, online or in person. 

If you took Zoom or other online classes from outside the country, but you were in Canada at the time, you can submit those, too.
The minimum claim amount per period is $25.00.
The TSP is not for training to prepare for a parallel career, such as teacher training programs. For that purpose, please visit the Dancer Transition Resource Centre.

What types of training are eligible for the TSP?

Any physical training that you do to condition your body to be "performance ready" is eligible. This includes technique classes, gym memberships, yoga/pilates classes, workshops, and any other physical training you may engage in. 

What is the annual cap of the program?

Professional Members may receive reimbursements up to a total of $350 per membership year (June 1st to May 31st of the following year). 

I am required to sing for an upcoming dance performance. Is training for this performance eligible for the Training Subsidy Program?

No. Only physical training is currently covered in our TSP program. Any other training such as singing or acting is not currently eligible for reimbursement.

I am also claiming my training costs on my income tax return. Can I also claim these costs through the Training Subsidy Program? 

The answer is yes, but the execution is a bit tricky. If you send in training receipts for reimbursement in our TSP program (which reimburses up to 60% of claims), you can still claim the remaining amount (40%) on your income tax. 

For example:
A class you took cost $25. You receive $15 dollars back (60%) from CADA/East's TSP program. You can then claim $10 (the remaining 40%) on your income taxes. Photocopied receipts are acceptable to submit for the TSP.

I missed the deadline, can I still submit for the TSP?

Receipts must be submitted by the appropriate deadline for training that took place within that TSP period.

For example:
Training that took place between June 1st and September 30th can be submitted for the October 1st deadline. If you forgot to submit receipts during that period, hang on to them as we occasionally open up the final TSP deadline of the membership year (June 1st) for forgotten or misplaced receipts from the year. 

I have already reached my cap for the TSP this year; should I still submit my receipts?

Yes please! We track the actual totals of artist spending and use it in our grant applications to advocate for a higher TSP cap with our funders.

Schedule of Disbursement 2024/2025

 Training Receipt Dates Covered
 Target Reimbursement Date
 1. October 1, 2024 June 1, 2024 - September 30, 2024 November 30, 2024
 2. March 1, 2025 October 1, 2024 - February 29, 2025 April 30, 2025
 3. June 1, 2025 March 1, 2025 - May 31, 2025 July 31, 2025

As always, we'll try to reimburse up to 60% of claims, or until you hit the cap of $350/membership year.   


Professional CADA/East members who are active for the 2023/2024 season are eligible to submit a TSP Claim Form.

If you are uncertain about your eligibility or have further questions, please email us at 

Claim Submission Instructions

Navigate to the Members Only  section
Log into your membership account
Download the form provided on the TSP page linked there
Complete the form according to the instructions provided


We request that you submit receipts for extended periods of time (such as annual gym memberships) by the date of payment.

  • If this request represents any hardship for you, please reach out to us at
    For Example
    : If a large payment made in May covers a long period extending into the next membership year and you have already met your cap.
  • Our goal is to support your professional training while you work with us to support our administration of the program.

It really helps us if your files are submitted in PDF format.

For information on how to input text on a PDF, please see here (MAC) and here (PC).

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