Valerie Calam/ Membership Coordinator

Valerie Calam is a Toronto-based dance artist interested in finding pathways to refresh and support herself. She works with movement, fabric, patterns, sound, numbers, the nervous system, the body, and likes to edit/adapt/repurpose things.  Most of all, Val enjoys working alongside dancers and artists and is excited to launch into her new role of Membership Coordinating at CADA/East.  Val looks forward to your questions and requests!  Valerie umbrellas much of her work under the name Company Vice Versa ( and works frequently with Fantastical Realms.  She is a company dancer with Toronto Dance Theatre and is the Dance Ontario Regional Representative for her hometown of Sault Ste. Marie.  She completed a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Choreography in 2014. 

photo credit:  Maizy Shepherd

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