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WHAT CADA/EAST Members are saying about their membership...

William Yong

Artistic Director, Zata Omm (Left; Photo by Ken Ewen)
Professional Member, contemporary dance artist
Toronto, Ontario

"CADA-ON is an important organization to Canadian Dance Artists to my eyes. It strengthened my dance career since moving to Canada in 1999. First of all, I benefit so much from the Training Subsidy Program. CADA-ON also guides my artistic practice through the Professional Standards of Dance with insightful guidelines and useful resources for my dance company, Zata Omm."

Melanie Preston

National Coordinator, on the MOVE dance conference series and freelance development and events specialist

Associate Member

"Associate membership in CADA-ON signals my commitment to building a strong artistic community. Since joining, I've come to really appreciate the professional discounts - especially to performances - as they help keep me up with people and the work that they do.

These days, the CADA-ON membership is unique because it is twinned with membership to the Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA). I value the idea that there is a 'greater good' of the whole as opposed to hundreds of isolated and disconnected voices. The combined CADA-ON/CDA membership provides a forum to share ideas, celebrate accomplishments and collectively advocate for dance in Canada."

Irvin Chow

Independent dance artist
Professional Member, contemporary dance artist
Toronto, Ontario

"I am a CADA-ON member because I believe that as dance artists, we need to create a community that looks out for each other. This association provides a feeling of support and comfort because I know there are more experienced dancers looking out for me. 

The Professional Standards for Dance is one of the most important documents I have read in my career. As an emerging artist, it has helped me understand what the basic and standard practices are for working conditions. This helps me focus more on the art and worry less about all the other things. 

And what's not to love about the Training Subsidy Program?"

Susanne Chui

Artistic Director of Mocean Dance (Right; Photo by Kylee Nunn)
Professional Member, contemporary dance artist
Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Being a member of CADA-ON has helped me through the different stages of my career, from dancer to choreographer and now as the Artistic Director of Mocean Dance. The PSD gives credibility to the profession and I consult it when hiring dancers and being hired by choreographers. Plus the TSP has been a huge help with training costs - the membership fee pays for itself in more ways than one!" 

Michele Hopkins

Independent Dance Artist (Left; Photo by Dennis McIntyre)

Professional Member, ballet and contemporary dance artist
Cambridge, Ontario

"I have been a member of CADA-ON for many years now. I enjoy being part of the larger community of dance in Ontario. When you're working in a smaller town, CADA-ON connects you with other dance artists. It feels like family in many ways."

Natasha Bakht

Independent Dance Artist (Right; Photo by Michael Slobodian)
Professional Member, contemporary and South Asian dance artist
Toronto, Ontario

"It's important for dance practitioners to be part of a professional association like CADA-ON that educates us about our rights, empowers us by detailing the appropriate conditions in which we ought to work, and offers opportunities for community building that strengthens the broader dance milieu.

The Training Subsidy Program is also an incredibly helpful tool to supplement the cost of our physical conditioning and artistic development. I'm a proud member."

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